How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend Back

how to get your ex-girlfriend back

No doubts breakups are hard. And if you are the one who got dumped, it might be even harder for you to digest this fact. Well, no matter you dumped her or she dumped you, the good news is that it is possible to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Even if it was a long time ago that you both broke up, you can re-initiate the conversation and kick start your relationship. But this will not happen overnight. So, we have come up with a series of steps to follow to get your ex-girlfriend back. Once you follow these, the chances of getting her back would increase exponentially.

1.      Evaluate the Relationship

First of all, you need to spend some alone time and think about your relationship. Think of the good times you spent with your ex-girlfriend and see if those are the things you are missing from your life. This would give you the much needed motivation to move in the right direction. Think of all the reasons why you want her back.

2.      Know your Mistakes

Think hard and try to remember tiny details on what led to the end of the relationship. You both were in a relationship few weeks back, this clearly means that the girl had interest in you at that time. So what was it that led her to fall out of the relationship? Was it you who made a mistake? Or you were not able to give time to the relationship, maybe you were not taking her out on how it started every time and if you are at mistake somewhere.

Once you know your mistakes, it will become very easy for you to correct those.

3.      Maintain some Distance

This is the first and the most important step of the entire “how to get your ex-girlfriend back” plan. Chances ae high that your ex-girlfriend is very frustrated with all the fights and hence she just needs time off you. If you try to push her harder during this time, it would do no good. Instead, give her some space and let her realize that she misses you. If you are so confident about the good parts of the relationship, she would also be thinking about those in some days. Anger would subside and memories would follow.

4.      Pay Heed to Yourself

Most of the times, we forget ourselves when we are in a relationship. We stop doing what we liked to do in our leisure time before we met our other half. So, what you have to do here is to go back to become that person which you were before you met your ex-girlfriend.

If you think you should tone your body, join a gym. If you like music, join music classes. There are numerous hobbies to pick from, just know your interest and try it. This would give you time for yourself and keep you from remembering your ex-girlfriend.

5.      Wait for the Right Time

Once you have maintained some distance and picked up a new hobby and developed yourself a little more, your next move is to initiate a contact with your ex-girlfriend. Well, you can’t just go right to her home and start talking like a good old friend. This is important, so make sure that you wait for the right time. If your ex-girlfriend is already dating a new person, she might not even reply to you. So, make sure you talk subtle and try to keep it short. Show that person that you have actually improved on your mistakes and they won’t regret it if they give you another chance.

6.      Take Help from Friends

If you guys have had mutual friends, they would be of a great help at this time. You can ask them if your ex-girlfriend still thinks about you. And if she does, is it good or bad. Either way, you would get some information and then it is up to you how you take it.

7.      Offer to be a Friend

We are sure you don’t want to ruin all your chances by coming off as too hard. Don’t tell your ex-girlfriend directly that you been trying to get her back all this while and that you guys should totally go back to being in a relationship. In fact, if she talks to you, consider it as a privilege and then offer her to be a friend. If she is also interested in you a little bit, we bet that she would take that offer.

8.      Keep it Casual and Go Slow

Once you are friends with your ex-girlfriend, make sure that you do everything slowly and keep it as casual as possible. Don’t rush things as it is not going to help you in any way. When you feel that the timing is right, you can just throw up a casual conversation about how things have been like after the breakup. They key here is to observe her reaction. If she gives a positive response, you might think about taking the matter further.

Remember, it might be your last chance to get your ex-girlfriend back. So attempt to propose her again only when you are sure that she also feels the same way. Otherwise, just be friends and let her involve with you on a deeper level.

9.      Be Responsible

Most girls like a responsible guy. So once you get her back, don’t just go back to your old self which made you lose her in the first place. Instead, show some respect for her and be responsible. Take charge of the relationship and show her that she did the right thing by giving the relationship one more chance. And this is possible only if you have actually improved on your mistakes.

If you have any queries on how to get your ex-girlfriend back, please write to us in the comments section below. We would get back to you at the earliest. You can also ask questions if you have, our experts are there to help you at all the stages of your breakup.

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